About HouseLeads

Hi I’m Barry – I started HouseLeads to allows estate agents & property professionals to build an instant and never ending pipeline of new property opportunities.

Having bought, sold, traded property and ran my own investment portfolio of properties for over fifteen years – my team and I understand how to drive motivated seller leads.

HouseLeads is for estate agents & property professionals who are looking to scale their property business.

You can reach me at – barry@houseleads.co.uk



Why choose Houseval?

Houseval provide estate agents & property professionals with the ultimate lead generation and support system. Use Houseval to drive new valuation leads. Houseval can be tailored to your corporate colours and branding.

Tailored Solution

Elevate Your Estate Agency Brand with Fully Customised Property Valuation Tool

Unlock Growth

New exclusive leads from qualified sellers to your inbox directly

Maximise Efficiency and Results

Industry leading form completion rate - saving your marketing budget and bringing in more valuations

Secure Local Market Dominance

With exclusive tips on how to drive more valuation traffic

Freedom to Choose

No Contracts or Tie-Ins, Just Flexible Options

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